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The FreeFlow series of catamarans have been developed by Nathan Stanton of Stanton Multihulls, co-founder of Lightwave Yachts Pty Ltd from 1996 to 2004. After many years of racing, cruising and living aboard catamarans, Nathan decided it was time to combine his extensive knowledge of design and over 20 years boat building experience, to create a brand new series of catamarans with some unique features. Logo
Over the past year Nathan and his team have designed a series of catamarans which fulfills the demands for something fresh with impressive appearance and excellent performance. The FreeFlow series have evolved to cater to serious sailors, while also being equipped with modern live-aboard amenities.
The Stanton Multihulls Design Team draws on the immense experience of a widely skilled group of top industry professionals. This approach provides thorough balanced solutions in all facets of the FreeFlow designs and intended operation.
The team includes Nathan Stanton, Designer with support from Rob Meiza, GM Sails (Champion Multihull Racing sailor), sail and rig design. Paul Waller with electrical and general design, hybrid drives etc. Paul also owns and races a Raider One Design. Tim Sales, Marine Engineering genius, and inventor and manufacturer of the “Kite Tamer”. Tim did his first circumnavigation as the youngest crewman in the 1972 Whitbread around the world race. Jo Stanton live-aboard cruiser to add the femine touch to the boys ideas, co-ordinate everyone and dispense “reality checks” wherever required. All of these people do own, have owned or currently race, cruise and live on Multihulls. The collective years of experience and on going advances of this team is hard to beat.
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